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Tattoo Art


My tattoo artwork from 2005 to 2009

Apart from a short flirtation with Henna, I have never been truly tempted to get myself tattooed. There is of course, always that chance that it might happen some time in the future, I certainly recognise the pride people have in their chosen design and designs upon their bodies. Often people stripped off at gallery exhibitions in the past to show off their Courtney designs, to the bewilderment of my mother who often helped out.I recognise for many that it’s a connection with their ancestors and spiritual path they are traveling. Often in its construction there was a real sense that my skills were being stretched as I had to work the design to the contours of the body. The challenge was always rewarded by the joy it gave the client who was to wear my art It was always a great honour for me that someone asked me to design an image that they will wear for the rest of their lives.

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