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Tara Open Studio

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Visit the Tara Open Studio website for more information on the gallery and events.


Tara Open Studio

Tara Open Studio has been open for the past 8 years on the Hill Of Tara in Meath, Ireland. Tara was an important site long before the High Kings. A passage tomb known as Dumha na nGiall (meaning ‘the mound of the hostages') is the oldest visible monument and dates from around 3,000 BC. However, Tara became truly significant from 600 BC to 400 AD. Tara was the royal centre of Mide (meaning ‘the middle kingdom'), the fifth province of ancient Ireland. It incorporated the present Co. Meath and what is now Westmeath and large parts of Cavan and Longford. One of the most interesting monuments at Tara is the Lia Fáil (Stone of Destiny), which is a standing stone located within an area known as the Forrad (The Royal Seat). This was the inauguration stone of the Kings of Tara. According to tradition, when a true Irish or Scottish King placed a foot on Lia Fáil it cried out to announce his rightful reign.

Open every day 10am to 4pm
Please contact the gallery if you are making a special trip,

we sometimes close for short events

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