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A Merlin Encounter

I am constantly asked how the paintings are conceived, so in today's video I would like to share a glimpse of the overshadowing of the Merlin Energy that occurs most days at my drawing board as I work. At my talks and workshops, I often demonstrate how thin the veil is between worlds. With the use of dowsing rods, I can show the area of the aura of the painting and then show what happens when I step into that sacred space.When I first experienced this phenomenon it totally changed how I viewed the paintings past and future. For some reason although I had this connection every day when I stepped to the drawing board, I never truly recognised the potency of the art and that where I stood each day had become a strong energetic sacred space.Before my Merlin connection a single piece of work would take days to complete and its finished form always seemed lacking or was trying to be over impressing. Too many notes.After a period of time and after I had gone through some kind of energetic apprenticeship with the Mage, the paintings became more fluid and for many years. because of my book commitments at the time, we often completed a painting a day and every day. The video clips of the demonstration are from some filming I did back in 2015 Music by

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