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Celtic Tarot

In 1989 knew absolutely nothing about the tarot never had a reading…. Knew nothing ! was contacted by the author of the best selling Prediction Tarot Pack, who suggested we did a Celtic Tarot together. I went to his home, a cliff edge dwelling in St. Ives, Cornwall to discuss the project with him. I was assured that he would take me through the symbolism of each card, and it was explained that creating a Tarot pack in those days was a very prestigious opportunity. I was living in a shared winter let in Lyme Regis at the time, the contract arrived and I signed and the crazy journey began. It had been suggested that I should include pieces of jewellery within the pictures and then a well known pewter company would create a Celtic Tarot range. So all was well I had just completed Symbols Of The Grail Quest for an exhibition in Winchester, this later moved on to a few cathedrals and exhibitions in Brittany.I had a Dover copyright free book to do. So everything was going swimmingly. Then I got a letter to say that Prediction author had pulled out and sold his contract to the jewellery company. They of course knew nothing about the Tarot.

Celtic Echoes

Its interesting how the universe takes hold of you sometimes, and gives you a bloody good shake, to release you from a stagnant situation. Later what was thought at the time as high drama, later unfolds to become a blessing. I came to Ireland in 2015 after my mother died and this left me free of commitments and was able to how I was going to move on in my life… but what was I to do? I decided to move to Ireland, it had always attracted to it and apart from a trade show in Dublin I really had never seen it. One of the first places I discovered was a faery tree in a nearby woods, near where I was living west Cork. It became a refuge and on one occasion felt what I took as the spirit of Ireland wrap itself around me in what felt a loving embrace. A few months later I visited the Hill Of Tara and whilst having a coffee, the owner recognised me and asked if I would like a two month exhibition, in a empty barn a few doors away. Years later I am still here on the Hill, and the exhibition became the Tara Open Studio. In 2016 the Newgrange centre invited me to put on an exhibition and I decided to create a completely new series of goddess paintings as a thank you to the spirit of Ireland for her bountiful gifts.

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