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Awakening Art

Awakening Journey  

 Part One  Entering the Labyrinth

Awakening Journey will take you through a series of 8 paintings that began in 2011 after an experience that changed the way I saw reality. Each painting was created as I went through a continuous period of physical and Being adjustments. The paintings became a diary of my awakening process that began at a time when I was living in my car. My Merlin connection had stepped back for a year and my life seemed at its lowest ebb. The biggest realization I took from my awakening experience was that I had thought I had been on a spiritual journey, for 30 odd years but I hadn't even started. The inner urge to reconnect with God, The Beloved cannot be satisfied, no matter how many hills climbed. Sacred places visited. Its the realisation, the wakening to the heart, the Beloved spirit within.

Opening To The Beloved

I have been blessed with having many magical moments in my life when the veil between worlds separates for a time and I get a glimpse of another reality. From disembodied spirit voices moving around a room and whispering in my ear, to more than a few out of body experiences. But none of these prepared me for an event one morning at 2am in 2011.

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