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Courtney Davis

In Truth, A Cosmic Dance

After the 2011 experience I decided I needed to talk more openly about my life. No matter how crazy the telling might be to many. I see everything as different aspects of some universal power, That's archangels, Merlin and that includes the spirit that resides in each us and this physical vehicle we reside in. So although I talk about Merlin, to me its a vibrational connection an aspect of God, the Beloved.
I try to share my journey with you, Honestly its a lone path, no one can tread that journey with you. Everyone has a different inward road to travel. no matter how hard they may try to follow another, each is unique way to drawing closer to the divine. I find that amazing. I have no idea of the impact of these videos I just accept that each one is a small pebble being thrown into the water and hope that one of the ripples might resonate with one of you bright beings.

Start The Day

This is the channel where I talk about the art I have been creating since 1980 sharing something of my experiences while creating the paintings and some of my understanding from my life journey. In 2012 my art changed dramatically and went from A3 size artwork for my numerous books to much larger pieces that I painted on board. I am often asked, how the art is created, and often "is it done on computer" ? Its much more magical than that This video will take you through the process I go through to start the work and will share something of the spirit that guides my pen and brush.

Templar's and Bishop's

I thought I would share two odd events that occurred in the early period of the Merlin connection. Though they are different it felt like there was a past life occurrence happening that perhaps had some connection with the energies I was working with. In those early days it was not unusual for me to be constantly overshadowed while in the studio and while relaxing at home, and the regularity of him drawing close like this was becoming more comfortable. It was important to be in readiness for our future working partnership. Often at first I would feel a tingling feeling down the right side of my face and an energy rush in my whole body, my hand would move into the mudra position, then the overshadowing would be complete. It was often noticed by friends that my facial features these times

Screenshot 03-24-2021 12.59.58.jpg

Grey Wolf

While working on the publication Celtic Beasts, with Father Dennis O’Neill in 1998, a lot of this text was based on the Shamanic nature of some of the early Celtic saints and their ability to shapeshift. This aspect of the saints was a total surprise to me and this unknowing state seemed to attract a new intermediary between this world and the spirit world And as this ancient wisdom connection developed so its influence affected my art and my work transitioned under his guidance. And through it all no word was ever spoken, Losing control of my work effected my whole being. The first time my initial response was to hide away. There had been a lot of bullying and death threats and it made me question my connection to Spirit and even at point contemplated suicide to get back at the Universe. It was in this low ebb that the Grey Wolf energy entered and brought with it a grounding presence.

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